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Recommended Local Haunts:

Rolling Hills Asylum

If you book tickets and learned about this from our site

Haunted Locations:

We would encourage you to check out

Rolling Hills Asylum.

Know the RULES!

- if you haven't looked before look now! Everyone in your group should read this! - Thanks!

Book Tickets!

Follow the rules and you

 will have a great time!

Request Momentum to attend your hunt!

It's free!

(Momentum members are not currently volunteering at RHA - due to some scheduling conflicts - we would attend upon request but we will be paying just like everyone else)

We can sit back and watch, If you have questions just ask.

We can also guide you and your team to hotspots and help with history and activity!

We could completely help guide your experience at RHA. Help with equipment and recommend techniques!

Momentum members are NOT currently volunteers at RHA. We will not be assisting with the tours and events at RHA.

If you are interested in joining Momentum on a hunt, let us know when you are attending.

Of all the places we have been, there is no place like RHA!

Click on Investigations/Photos to see our other adventures - Please feel free to contact us regarding our other experiences.


- testing the waters to see if the paranormal activity increases during this time of the year!

Haunted House!

(the event has concluded)

See ya Next Year!

Click the picture below to check out

the Video from Halloween 2011!

It's October - that means Halloween!

This year is NOT a Haunted House Attraction. 

LAST YEAR WAS a Haunted Attraction with ACTORS

That just happens to have Real Ghost participating!

The actors will not touch you! But the ghost might! Well so may the people you are with.

For your protection and ours any unruly guests will be escorted from the Asylum!

After the Thirteen Nights of Halloween, come back for a tour or investigation.

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