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Photos of Unknown Origins

Ok so we know where most of these were taken. However we are filling these under random, 

strange or undisclosed location. Also some of our favorite photos.

Fish Orb

So Orbs - this "orb" was taken on a ghost walk through Johns Pass Florida. We take a look at the orbs structure. We never say this is a ghost, spirit or other entity per se. With that said - this one has a set of eyes with eye lashes plus fish lips - very interesting huh?!?!?!


Myth, misidentified or mysterious phenomenon. Is it a natural inter-dimensional being? Elemental? A manifestaion created by the trama the land has seen...?


This photo was taken from a video and slightly enhanced. This entity is a little trickster in shadow hallway at Rolling Hills - see Flashlight Activity Shadow Hallway -

Dan, Scott and Tina

Quick shot taken as we were packing up during ParaQuest.

Dave has a Friend?

While doing our attempt to debunk Julies photos - we found this video still to be interesting. The room was dark - the flash from our camera illuminated the room. This is what we saw on review.

Close up of Dave's Friend

Full spectrum spectator? Full spectrum specter?

Is that a face?

found this while trying to debunk a photo from our friends at Celestial Spirit. very intriguing.

Jack is that you?

Is this Jack peaking out from his door?

Or is this Jack?

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