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Past Events

Thanks for stopping by! We enjoyed the event and can't wait 

until the next! The guys met a lot a great people!!

See Photos from the investigation - Coming Soon!!!!

Events we participated in or have sponsored

Rolling Hills Asylum - October

3 Hour Psych Holds and more!!!

More photos of the event to come!

Para~Quest - 2013

December 21st

- on air with

Paranormal Review!

Streaming live on - just search: momentumparanormal

or click the link!

Listen to the Archived Show Below

Friday, December 21, 2012 at 10 pm

Join RHA people - Scott & Amy Nash, Bubba MacNeil (Momentum Paranormal), Julie Buckner, Jason Jewett, and of course - Me, Sharon Coyle, also joing us Steve and Greg (SGF Paranormal), as we join Paranormal Review Radio's very own Luci Leibfried & Anthony Agate for their End of World On Air Party as we participate in an on-air LIVE paranormal investigation at one of the most haunted locations in America. Everyone will be able to participate in a LIVE EVP session and ghost box session from Rolling Hills Asylum - all conducted over the air-waves from directly inside the location. So enjoy the comfort of your own home and be transported into the may get to speak with spirits Friday night! Call in Number (661) 244-9831 Don't forget to log in to Blog Talk Radio in order to participate in Live Chat.

Halloween Season

The season is concluded!

Join us at Rolling Hills Asylum for 

13 Nights of Halloween!

Thanks to all those who participated

 and who took the challenge!

at the

Buffalo Central Terminal

Troy Taylor's American Hauntings

A Night at Rolling Hills Asylum

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