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Future and Past Events

Thanks to Brandy and Shane for representing Momentum at this event!!!

Pennhurst Paracon 3

(we missed it... long story... )

Come see Momentum - Ask questions, learn how to investigate the paranormal find out about upcoming events and so much more. We will have tools for sale that are used to investigate claims of the paranormal. Plus much more!

If you are a paragroup stop by and make some new friends - always looking for para peeps to extend our friend network!  

Pennhurst Paracon 2

Paracon 2 was awesome and 3 will be just as awesome 

follow us and Haunted Explorationson Facebook! Details to follow - we will be there too!

The Silo City event is over but not forgotten. Momentum Paranormal would like to thank all who attended. We will be planning another event in the spring, plus longer nighttime ghost hunts. Please follow us here and our Facebook page for more information. We want to hear about your experience - leave us a note on our Guest page.

Momentum Paranormal has an exciting opportunity to team up with Explore Buffalo at Silo City. Follow the link below for more details! 

Silo City Spirits

American Silo at Dusk

Initial investigation at Silo City - found an interesting camera movement and flashes of light at approximately 11min

Thanks for stopping by! We enjoyed the event and

 can't wait until the next! The guys met a lot a great people!!

See Photos from the investigation - Coming Soon!!!!

Debunk Night

- no location scheduled

Other Events:


Future events are being planned!

Stay tuned!

Check out these Past Events!

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