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We found this photo through The Official Rolling Hills Asylum Facebook page. I contacted CSI and received permission to re-post. During the phone interview with Jeannine, one of the founders of CSI, we found out what type of camera that was used. We also learned of the conditions of the building and what they believe this person to be. After studying the photograph we decided to try to recreate this photo.

We took some shots of this area during the day, so you can see the distance more clearly:

So then, we attempted to "Debunk" the photo on the first ever Debunk Night at Rolling Hills Asylum. After taking a series of photos with simple point and shoot style cameras and a SLR, we were unable to replicate the photo. When to take a picture from that distance you can clearly see the persons features.

At this time, this photo is what it is and is not "debunk-able". We were unable to recreate the apparent shadow behind the figure. Dozens of pictures were taken. More can be done to attempt to debunk the photo. We also decided to try one more time taking picture from the solarium and "cleaning" them up later. From CSI's website: the photo was lightened. So we will look at lightening these as well and some new photos to be taken at a later date. Try yourself on a Debunk Night at Rolling Hills Asylum! 

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