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Personal Experiences at

Rolling Hills Asylum

We all have had some intense experiences at Rolling Hills Asylum - While we have not documented by camera or audio we have to tell you these experiences in this format.

Shadow People Hallway

Personal Experience: April 11, 2012 - the Anniversary of Roy's passing. We (Amy, Sharon, Mike and I) just sat down in Shadow People Hallway - 2nd Floor - East Wing, when all of the sudden the most beautiful smell of Roses filled the hallway. This lasted for about 15-20 min before it completely disappeared. Imagine entering a funeral home and you smell the flowers that are present. However similar, this was the most fresh cut roses I have ever smelt. Not some cheep Rose perfume or scented air freshener those have more of a chemical smell. We were hoping that this would happen again in 2013 but we did not experience it as intensely - I did smell for a brief second that same smell but could not completely say that is what is was.

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